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Аренда на 3 молодых, за 250 GEL в месяц с каждого

Дата подачи объявления: 19.06.2017
Город: Тбилиси
Комнаты: 2х комн.
Цена в месяц: 250 лари
Площадь: 80 кв. метров
ANNOUNCEMENT: In short: Those who plan, are going to or need at the moment apartments in Tbilisi: A beautiful apartment long term rent for 1-3 people, next to the metro station Akhmeteli, for $ 100 per month, With each tenant! And for two tenants - 280 dollars (2 x 140$)! And if you live alone, then the rent is $ 240 per month! As for the Internet and the TV package, any tenant must additionally pay $ 10 a month! P.S. Residence for a short time, every day for one person $ 10 .. Note:If you want to live absolutely ONE, then for $ 25 a day! Depending on the number of days, more than 10 days - 20% discount); More: Luxurious apartment for rent, hotel type, high-rise building, comfortable rooms, well-equipped, well-furnished and equipped with all amenities, household and kitchen appliances (full range), comfortable and beautiful apartment for short and long term rentals Rent for 3 people, 100 US dollars per month with each additional tax, except for the Internet from November 1 to May 1 (6 months), that is, from May 1 to November 1, utilities are free for tenants! Winter periods all types of utility payments are distributed equally and depend on the number of residents. As for the Internet and the TV package, any tenant must additionally pay $ 10 a month! More detailed information about the apartment - full comfort and cosiness, guests will be located in two rooms, one room is designed for recreation and entertainment, and the other - for rest and sleep. There you have a bedroom exit to the balcony with green views and birds singing.. Important: The apartment consists of two sectors, one of which is occupied by the owner himself, one young man. And, the second sector, the tenants. Here everything will live peacefully, in harmony and tranquility 100%. You need to have with you an identity card! The apartment is located in the Gldani Massif, close to the metro station Akhmeteli next to the recreation park! With gratitude to you, David. PS Note: when you call, talk to me, please, only in Georgian or Russian - THANKS!
Контактные телефоны: 995579455579
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